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Whatever type of Coaching you need in your personal or professional life

I will help you find and build up your self-encouragement and self-motivation.
I wili empower you to define your needs, wants, ambitions and desires.
I will challenge you to identify the strategies and tactics that will take you to where you want to be and I'll help you measure your progress against defined markers along your journey.

Survivor Coaching 

Domestic Abuse
Survival From Cancer or Other Life Threatening Conditions
Involuntary Childlessness

Personal Development Coaching 

If you are confused or feel stuck in a rut
Useful for sorting out goals and strategies
Career change
Work/Life Balance

Group or Team Coaching 

Good for enabling teams to work together effectively whilst acknowledging each others different strengths and learning styles.
Enables teams to work 'smarter'
Good for teams after reorganisation within the company
Originally developed for charities and voluntary groups 
Groups with similar objectives offer sharing and mutual self help

Business/Corporate Coaching 

Managing Change and Conflict
Management of Business Development
Managing reorganisation
Executive coaching
Managing stress
Work/Life Balance
Career Development

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