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This is what just some of my clients have said about the benefits to them of Coaching:-


  • "I came to coaching living in the shadow of childhood abuse and going through domestic violence. I felt weak, disempowered, controlled and that I had no say in my own thoughts etc. I lived feeling threatened and unsettled with low self esteem and no confidence. Coaching for me is a key. The key helps me to unlock me, to change old patterns, old behaviours, to rediscover who I am. I have found strength I didn't know existed and I fled the domestic violence. Coaching has prevented me losing control of my life - I have taken and owned that control for myself now. I feel that I can be my own person and I can now have conversations and do things that I never would have done before. All because I have empowered myself through coaching." K.C. survivor of domestic abuse and full time single parent


  • "I have recently completed 6 Coaching Sessions with Annie and have to say I have found the whole experience fascinating and my whole personal outlook is now one of structure and motivation!! We have completed sessions on effective planning/time management, relationship management, personal fitness and improving my own Coaching approach.  Annie has an exceptional ability to help me identify session goals, understand how and what that would feel like, and takes me on a journey from the present into a place where I can actually live out the achieved goal!  Breaking the sessions into small chunks, and effectively listening and knowing when to ask the right questions has given me a completely new motivation to succeed with all my personal goals.  Annie has successfully supported me to achieve both my overall goal and each of the session goals - so thank you very much!!" L.E. Performance Manager


  • "Coaching has given me the tools to plan, prioritise and reward myself after achieving personal goals. After I chose a goal, Annie helped me to plan how I was going to do it, explore other ways I could complete it and discuss factors which may hinder progress in order for me to plan around them. Coaching is all about extracting information from the client with little input from the coach. We have the answers ourselves sometimes it just takes a well skilled person to help us see the options. Above all, it has given me the confidence to put my needs alongside other family members - thank you Annie" H.K. Full time mum


  • "This has been a new and enlightening experience.The process of determining an achievable goal within a given timescale has greatly helped to breakdown what seemed like mountains to manageable molehills.I was surprised at the great sense of achievement I felt by identifying and attaining goals within a short timescale. Some practical, some personal.It was also very beneficial to be "challenged" and pushed beyond my comfort zone to identify and tackle my own personal needs, work on them and be accountable for my progress.  And, of course, to have someone "on my side" ready with congratulations on those successes and help to determine why a goal may not have been as successfully achieved as intended."  H.T. Secretary


  • "Exchange with Annie has added to my confidence and been a happy experience. It's  helped me a great deal." S.S. Retired Property Agent 


  • "Annie hears all the bits I kind of mutter and hope she hasn't heard, the things that I think 'I shouldn't have said that she'll ask me about it'" K.C. Survivor of domestic violence and full time single parent


  • "Working with Annie has been a brilliant experience.  She has great feedback and listening skills and a warm, caring personality.  The sessions were thought provoking and they helped me clarify where to focus my energies. As a result I have increased self confidence and sense of direction in my life" D.Z Lecturer


  • "I hired Annie for a number of different areas in my life, predominantly around my coaching business.  I have to say her approach and attentiveness to what I wanted was very apparent and she was able to challenge my thinking that I thought at the time knew what lay ahead.  Her questions opened up my perception of what kind of future I wanted which enabled me to start looking at other ways of building up the business I desired.Good news is that I have set up my limited company and have a fully functional website and I am active with social media developing a larger following by the day. Her coaching has spurred me on to move into other areas so I can offer more services to my customers. Using Annie was definitely an essential move and what I have created would have taken so much more time with a whole lot more stress. Very pleased." S.A. Coach and Therapist


  • "I undertook 6 sessions of coaching with Annie just as I discovered I was  pregnant. I had issues with my changing body image and abilities as a mother as  my self esteem and confidence in my self were low. I struggled with confrontational situations as I found it difficult to put my opinions across and as I had some important choices to make this was forefront in my mind. During my coaching with Annie I covered all the areas that were causing me stress and was able to increase my self confidence and esteem. In doing this I was able to enjoy a pregnancy that was riddled with ill health and have a positive birth experience as I was able to voice my needs and wishes. I am now happily learning to be a mum to my daughter and doing it with confidence L.I. Nurse and now mum of two

  •  "When I began coaching with Annie I was in an emotionally and financially manipulative relationship. I was struggling to cope with my child who has Autism. I was also struggling with my own ill health and its impact on my life and career. I couldn't focus and was unable to find a way to move forward. I am now unrecognisable from the person I was when I first met Annie, she has helped me to entirely change my mind set. Annies help has transformed my life. I am now out of the destructive relationship, I have more direction, know my values and self worth and now have the confidence and, more importantly, the skills to reach my goals! None of which I would have been able to do without Annie's support." M.B. Full time single parent and M.E. sufferer






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