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I can help you cope with the huge amount of stress associated with divorce.

There's not only the emotional impact of divorce but also the financial, social and geographical impact.


Divorce can become an all consuming nightmare of activity that can leave you feeling confused and alone.


How will you cope?


What do you tell the children? How will they cope?


Although I can't change the fact that you are getting divorced I can help you to change the way you deal with it and the fall out.


After the divorce there's coping with new partners, introducing them to the children, as well as all the old animosities and baggage of the old relationship. 


Most of us need to re assess a lot of our assumptions at the end of any relationship; through coaching I will encourage you to explore how you want your future to look, after the divorce, and to begin to come to terms with the upheaveal for both you and your children.





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